Hi, I'm Winfried van Loon.

Mediadeveloper, Full-Stack developer.

Helping huge companies and small business plan, design and develop websites and web applications that help them become more successful on the web.

Currently working on a full-time basis on creating wonderful web applications with integrated content management systems built with the latest technologies available.

My skill set.

What I'm good at, in a nutshell.

Data Modeling

While interfaces should look simple to users, the data stored in the database should be as efficient as possible. The better the structure, the better the speed and ease to develop - especially in the future.

User Interface

With over 50% of people using smartphones daily, the need to have a mobile-ready site is so important. With me, that comes as standard.

Linux servers

I've got a good knowledge of Linux servers. Having control of the servers results in knowing what to when something is wrong, missing or an error occurs.

Total picture

I like to create a total picture when starting a new project. That way, a valid deadline may be set. While there always will be setbacks, unknown available information is a waste of everyone's time.

I actually care

It's as important to me that I'm happy with what we've done as it is that you are. I love doing what I do and want to show that in my work.

Up to date

By constantly seeking to improve my knowledge of coding languages, I'm always learning new skills and looking for ways to implement them to the best of their use.

Software Experience.

Faster is better.

As a developer, I like coding, it's my thing! Using Docker, combined with editors like the solid PhpStorm and quick Sublime, along with the powerful Chrome and fun CodePen, I create all kinds of beautiful applications. Positioning every pixel in the correct spot like an artisan, using code!

I'm quite skilled in PHP back-end frameworks, you may have heard of Laravel or Lumen? That's my favourite! I've worked a lot with Wordpress, CodeIgniter and Zend, too. On the front-end, I've worked with a lot of libraries, such as Vue, React and Angular.

Get in touch.

Send me an email with your questions or requests.

Want to ask me a question about my work? Drop your name and message on LinkedIn to get in contact with me! I'm always happy to help you with your questions or requests.

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